2019-nCoV Neutralizing Antibody Test Kit (Fluorescent immunochromatography)

2019-nCoV Neutralizing Antibody Test Kit (Fluorescent immunochromatography)

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uantitative Convenient 15minutes

How to judge the efficiency of 2019-nCoV vaccine? — Neutralizing Antibody Test Kit

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Significance of neutralizing antibody detection

• To determine whether protective neutralizing antibodies are successfully produced after vaccination, so as to reduce the harm of COVID-19 infection to the human body;

• To determine whether the titer level of protective neutralizing antibody can maintain sustainable protection for human body;

• To determine whether it is necessary to vaccinate again;


✓International reference fitting curve;

✓ The "gold standard" of virus neutralization titer test was used as the positive control;

✓ It is clear that the titer of protective antibody is greater than 15 BAU / ml;
✓ Quantitative detection;

✓ Cover all vaccine types;

✓ Fingertip blood as same for detection;

✓ The results can be obtained within 15 minutes;


Test strip containing ACE2 recombinant protein, S-RBD recombinant protein, rabbit IgG antibody and anti-rabbit IgG antibody (25 pcs);

0.01M Phosphate buffer solution, 0.5% Tween-20 (25 bottles)

ID chip (1 pc)

Sampler (25 pcs)

Alcohol cotton pad (25 pcs)

Disposable pressing fingertip blood collection needle (25 pcs)

Application scenarios

Pre vaccination:
Determine whether they have been infected with new coronavirus and whether they still needto be vaccinated;

Vaccination period:
Determine whether effective new neutralizing antibody is produced;

Late stage of inoculation:
According to the epidemic area of 2019-nCoV, it is suggested to detect the existence of 2019-nCoV neutralizing antibody regularly every three months.

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