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Guangdong Hecin Scientific, Inc.


Hecin Scientific, Inc. was founded in April 2015 and located at the industrialization base of the State Key Laboratory of Respiratory Diseases where is the most authoritative respiratory research institution in China. The company entrepreneurship teams represented by doctor Xiaofeng Li, who was awarded the title of national plan for thousands of talents, are mainly dedicated in relying on the valuable resources of the National Key Laboratory of Respiratory Diseases and the innovative technology platform of the company, to make the company become a leading enterprise in the field of diagnostic reagents of respiratory pathogens at home and abroad.

Owing to the experience in the development of respiratory pathogen diagnostic reagents is mature and perfect, and many products have been registered for sale in China, Hecin did have the ability to develop diagnostic reagents in response to major public health events and support clinical diagnosis and treatment needs.

Core competitiveness I: Hexin is the first domestic enterprises which has respiratory infectious virus resource bank


The raw materials with independent property rights greatly speed up the research and development of new products and provide guarantee for the development of new respiratory products of the company.

The respiratory virus detection reagent belongs to three types of medical devices in China, with a high threshold for registration certificate, which requires a variety of virus resources and system support. The company's virus resource system and strong technical team provide guarantee for the registration certificate application of respiratory virus detection reagent.

Hecin has established independent biosafety level II P2 laboratory and Cultivate a professional technical team of virus isolation and cultivation. At present, according to the GMP management system of the company, the team has established a complete resource bank of respiratory virus species.

including nearly 400 respiratory related virus strains
more than 30 cell lines
more than 60 pathogenic strains
more than 60 monoclonal antibodies

Core competitiveness II: participate in the development of national reference products of respiratory infectious virus and occupy the commanding height of the industry

The company's virus isolation, culture and identification system has been highly praised and recognized by the Chinese Academy of inspection and industry experts


Cooperate with the Chinese Academy of inspection, an authoritative organization, to develop reference products and contribute to the rapid development of the industry

Continuous isolation and cultivation of clinical virus strains provide some basis for the formulation of national reference materials: at present, we have isolated 132 respiratory virus strains from clinical samples.


Core competitiveness III: system management and registration application team experienced test and rich experience

From January 1, 2018 to now, there are 26 products with three types of medical device registration certificates for the first registered respiratory virus infection related detection kits in China, 8 of which are Hexin health products.


Core technology Ⅳ: 12 invention patents have been applied for (including 2 invention patents and 2 utility models)