• Dengue Virus Typing Nucleic Acid Test Kit (PCR-fluorescence probe method)

    Dengue Virus Typing Nucleic Acid Test Kit (PCR-fluorescence probe method)


    This kit is intended for qualitative typing detection of dengue virus nucleic acid in human serum or plasma samples. This kit is based on the specific fragment in the whole genome of dengue virus type 1~4 to design specific primers and TaqMan fluorescent probes for each type, and realize the rapid detection and typing of dengue virus through real-time fluorescent PCR.


    Components 48T/Kit Main Ingredients
    DENV-Type reaction mixture, lyophilized 2 tubes Primers, probes, PCR reaction buffer, dNTPs, Enzyme, etc.
    DENV positive control, lyophilized 1tube Plasmids for tandem dengue virus type 1-4 detection target fragments
    Negative control (Purified water) 1.5mL Purified water
    User Manual 1 unit /
    * Specimen type: Serum or Plasma
    * Application instruments: ABI 7500 Real-Time PCR System; Bio-rad CFX96; Roche LightCycler480; SLAN PCR System.
    * Storage  -25℃ to 8℃ unopened and protect from light 18 months


    •Rapid: Shortest PCR amplification time among similar product.
    •High sensitivity & specialty: Promotes early diagnosis for prompt treatment.
    •Comprehensive anti-interference capability.

    Operation steps