HC1600 UltraFast QPCR Instrument

HC1600 UltraFast QPCR Instrument

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Hecin Fast Diagnosis, Cares for People’s Health!
The situation of the COVID-19 epidemic continues to change. In order to better meet the needs of various application scenarios. We are so proud to introduce you our Ultrafast QPCR Instrument HC1600.

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We strongly recommend you to try our "Rapid PCR Solution", a full process solution for nucleic acid testing. As a complete ecological loop, "Rapid PCR Solution" provides a high level of compatibility with Hecin's existing instruments and reagents, while avoiding more uncertainties and allowing us to quickly solve your problems when you encounter them.

In addition, it can be adapted not only to the new coronavirus nucleic acid test kits, but also to a large number of kits developed based on the PCR-fluorescence probe method. It is easy to use and maintain, and can be adapted to different power standards in many countries and regions, helping you to open up international markets.




In order to better achieve this goal of “Sample in, result out”, we use unique heating and cooling technology, the maximum heating rate is 7.5°C/sec and the PCR reaction time was reduced to 38 minutes.


The instrument has a built-in operating system and is equipped with a 10 inch large capacitive touch screen, which optimizes the human-computer interaction mode. The operation mode is similar to that of a mobile phone, and it can be used quickly after simple training.

This instrument is extremely small (About the size of an A4 sheet of paper) and light (about 7.6Kg ) and suitable for rapid multi-scenario deployment.


Using LED light source and MPPC technology, the accuracy rate of the instrument is over 98% after detecting over 900 cases. Meanwhile, it can detect 4 fluorescence channels, ready for complex experimental conditions and reagent adaptation.


No need for external consumables,cost reduction


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