2019-nCoV Nucleic Acid Test Kit (PCR- fluorescence probe method)

2019-nCoV Nucleic Acid Test Kit (PCR- fluorescence probe method)

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Fast, Effective, Easy

Advanced freeze-drying technology
8-tube Strip (0.1 ml) prepacking
Amplification with HC800 can achieve results within 30 min!

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Transport within 37 ℃ for 3 monthsLyophilized reagent is more stable; Transportation conditions: ≤37℃, stable for 3 months;

Pre-filled to save operation stepsThe amplification reaction solution was premixed together,Reduce laboratory operations.

“Sample in, result out””Rapid PCR Solution support”. It only takes 30 minutes to test on Hecin’s qPCR instrument, but the common testing time is about 110 minutes, can effectively save time.

Applicable to different sample typesSpecimen type: nasopharyngeal swab;oropharyngeal swabs; sputum;alveolar lavage fluid specimens.

High sensitivity to improve detection rateThe Limit of Detection (LoD) of 2019-nCoV is 400 copies/mL. Coincidence rate of positive or negative reference: 100%

Advanced freeze-drying process

Hecin experimental verification data show that no difference in performance before and after freeze-drying


Target: ORF1ab and N genes.

Sample: Human nasopharyngeal swabs, oropharyngeal swabs, sputum, alveolar lavage fluid specimens.

Specification: Single tube for single test; 12×8T/Kit; Large package: 4×24T/Kit;
Official agency recognition: Obtained EU CE certification, product quality is reliable


Limit of Detection: 400 copies/mL

Recommended scheme

Scheme 1. Specimen release agent + 2019-nCoV Nucleic Acid Test Kit (PCR- fluorescence probe method) (8*12T) + UltraFast QPCR (HC800).

Scheme 2. Specimen Collection Medium or Specimen release agent + Nucleic Acid Purification Kit + 2019-nCoV Nucleic Acid Test Kit (PCR- fluorescence probe method) (4*24T) + Regular Real-Time PCR systems( Ex: ABI7500)

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